Abby and I visited Embracing Hope Ethiopia that was founded by Jerry and Christy Shannon. Their focus is the poor, children, and orphans who live in a section of Addis Ababa known as Korah. This area of the city is very poor and is known as a forsaken place. It began as a leper colony and then the site of the city trash dump. It has a higher prevalence of poverty, crime, prostitution, and disease then many other areas of the city.

The children loved playing with Abby.
The children loved playing with Abby.

We love that this ministry works to serve young children and mothers in holistic ways. Abby and I truly enjoyed meeting the Shannon’s and their amazing Ethiopian staff at their their daycare center serving a 110+ children and 65+ moms.


Embracing Hope Ethiopia helps vulnerable moms and very young children. They provide a place where the children can be cared for and the moms are freed to work and provide for their families. The result is that more families are able to be kept together (i.e. preventing more orphans) and they are touched by Jesus’ love, hope and transformation.

During our visit we were able to hear story after story of a child who’s life was saved because they were able to get medical care and nutrition. Some of these children were within days of death when they first arrived. All of these children have loving moms who might be living with HIV, illness or through circumstances outside their control, they just don’t have the means to provide for their children.

As we met the children, it was clear they are being touched with the love of Christ and they are doing better at life because of the wonderful work of Embracing Hope Ethiopia. Abby and I are looking at ways we can come along side the work that’s happening here.

View photos of our visit to Embracing Hope Ethiopia

Visit the Embracing Hope Ethiopia website and pray about sponsoring a child.

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