January 10


Meeting the kids at Resurrection Orphanage Center of Nekemte, Ethiopia

We visited Resurrection Orphanage & Center of Nekemte (ROCN). They care for orphaned and abandoned children to meet their basic needs and offer a loving Christian home environment.

ROCN is a new orphanage started by Tensaie Umeta (who was from Nekemte). I met Tensaie though North Heights Lutheran Church (my home church in MN). Nekemte is a city of 103,000 people but ROCN is the first orphanage in the area. So the need is great.

We loved spending time with these kids and they touched our hearts. We were able to bring new clothing that was donated by sponsors in MN. They also needed shoes and it was a blessing for us to take them shopping to buy new shoes.

Children with new clothes!
Children with new clothes!

Until coming to ROCN, these children had never been to school. They are bright kids but needed help to be ready to attend school. The director of the local private school has given free tuition to the children. He himself has taken in 6 orphans into his home and he provides for all their needs. The two house mothers at ROCN are amazing care for the children like their own 24/7.

Abby pictured with children in their school uniforms.
Abby Carroll and Birhane Umeta pictured with ROCN children in their school uniforms.

The first ROCN home provides for 4 orphans, but can hold 6 more. A donor has pledged monthly support for the other children, however they still need $2,500 to buy beds, mattresses, linens, desks, tables, chairs, clothing and shoes to make this happen. Would you consider helping?

View pictures of ROCN kids and staff here

Visit the Resurrection Orphanage & Center of Nekemte (ROCN) website


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