Pastor Mekebib Desta, Brian Carroll and Rahel Tamirat.
Pastor Mekebib Desta, Brian Carroll and Rahel Tamirat.

Abby and I visited Rich in Knowledge Academy in Addis Ababa. It’s an excellent school where 40 students from ages 3 to 8 (k – 2nd grade) attend. We were blessed to learn that the school Director, Rahel Tamirat, provides free education for half the children who are orphans or are living in poverty. To do this, she takes no salary so she can pay the staff and school expenses. Why? She loves children and makes this sacrifice gladly to give them a future and experience the love of Christ.

Kindergarten class at Rich In Knowledge Academy

The children gave us special treat of singing for us in English. It was so beautiful to see the joy in the kids and their smiles. When they sang, it reminded me of my 3-year old daughter Lydia who sang me same song.

This school needs help. Abby and I are talking about how we can come along side this school. It costs about $22 per month per student. Some of the children don’t have food at home so they can’t bring lunch and there’s no school lunch program here. These children are learning (while hungry) eating just one meal a day.

If you want to help a child get an education and have a school lunch, let us know. We’ll work to get funds directed to Rahel.┬áHere’s a link to Rahel Tamirat’s facebook page.

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