November 13, 2012

map_ethiopiaIt’s getting real. I just purchased our plane tickets to Ethiopia! We’re starting to check more things off our list. Right now we’re working on practical items such as:

  • Renewing passports
  • Purchasing travel health insurance
  • Getting immunization shots and antimalarial medication
  • Finalizing our lodging / where we’re going
  • Organizing our packing list
  • Raising support to buy clothes, food, medicine, supplies and toys for orphans

I’m working on line up key meetings with groups that align with our vision that we want to support and build relationships with. We have two groups that we’ll be connecting with while in Ethiopia. More to come.

I’m excited that we’ll be connecting with Bring Love In while we’re in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. They have an amazing story. Bring Love In is a community (not just an organization) of people who are working together to bring love in to the orphans and widows of Ethiopia. They connect orphans who are given to them by local authorities, and widows from within local Christian church communities, to create new forever families here in Ethiopia.

Another group we’re connecting with is Resurrection Orphanage & Center. They provides for orphaned and abandoned children in Nekemte, Ethiopia (about 240 miles away from Addis Ababa) by meeting the basic needs of shelter, food, clothing, basic medical care and spiritual education and training.

I’ll be writing more about the groups we’re connecting with in Ethiopia and sharing their stories. Stay tuned.

Overall, we’ve made a lot of progress this week! Please pray for us to have wisdom as we complete our plans.

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