February 16, 2013

While Abby and I were in Ethiopia we met orphans and street children who have nobody to love to care for them. We also met children who are living in an orphanage because of extreme poverty. Many of these children have family members who are willing take care of of them but they are so poor and that they can barely feed themselves.


Poverty should not be the reason to take a child away from their family but this happening in poor countries around the world like Ethiopia. These are desperately poor families, who with the tiniest bit of help, could be able to raise their kids and keep the family together.

That’s the reason we started the Forever Families Project. We want care for and prevent more orphans and abandoned children by preserving families Ethiopia. Long term, we want to see more orphans be domestically adopted and stay in their homeland. This requires a holistic strategy, resources and committed people to developing solutions.


Thanks for Jerry and Christy Shannon at Embracing Hope Ethiopia for pointing me to this blog Alama ya Kitumaini “Sign of Hope I read this post, “a story (his, mine, and how the love was left out)” by Holly Mulford and it blew me away. Holly shares her inspiring story of how she saw there was a better answer to helping orphans.

Also, check out these great people we know who are helping orphans and family preservation in Ethiopia.

Bring Love In
Embracing Hope Ethiopia

Be blessed.

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