Get Involved

If you're interested in helping orphaned and vulnerable children here are a few of the ways that you can get involved.

Get the word out

Help spread the word through your social networks. Please consider sharing the Forever Families Project on Facebook, Twitter, and other place you engage with friends. Click the “share” or “like” button often and let your friends know about the orphans in need.

Be an educated donor.

Give to an organization that shares your values. Help send children to school, fund medical clinics that allow sick parents to heal; give microloans to help parents start a business.

Spread the word.

Help educate other U.S. citizens, through church or social media, about family care alternatives to orphanages.

Redirect your resources.

Redirect your giving Ask your church to redirect its resources – money, partnerships, and mission trips -- to services that support vulnerable families.

Contact the orphanage you support.

Let them know their donors are interested in helping them transition to family care. Let them know there is guidance and support to help them.

Shift the focus of your mission trip.

Focus trips on building support for families and communities. Try alternative mission models including learning-based service (organizing field visits to learn about community initiatives); meeting with partner organizations; church-to-church partnership; and skills-based volunteering and exchange.

Pray for children and families.

Commit to regular prayer for vulnerable children and families around the world.

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