November 5


How love Impacts a Child’s Brain

I came across this report highlighting the results from a new study titled, “Brain Scans Show the Impact of a Mother’s Love on a Child’s Brain Size.”

The report states , “Neurologists say that the latest [brain] images provide more evidence that the way children are treated in their early years is important not only for the child’s emotional development, but also in determining the size of their brains.”

I’ve been continually thinking about all orphans and vulnerable children who need loving homes. Science has shown a link between love and child development in research going back to observations on maternal deprivation. But we need to take this knowledge and do something for children in need.

Let’s help orphans who have no homes and nobody to care for them know that they are precious and worthy of love. Let’s help these vulnerable children meet their basic needs and find loving mothers and fathers. Love is the answer. Get involved.



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