Most children in orphanages globally have living parents or relatives unable to care for them due to a lack of financial resources and social support. A new movement aims to reunite these children with

Our friend, pastor Mekbib Desta in Ethiopia is looking for help to send 12 children from the neediest families in his community to the elementary school. Would you consider sponsoring a child so they can go

It’s been 10 months since Abby and I were in Ethiopia. We’re still maintaining many of the friendships we started and providing support. Since then our family has undergone some big changes which I’ll share

While Abby and I were in Ethiopia we met orphans and street children who have nobody to love to care for them. We also met children who are living in an orphanage because of

We visited Resurrection Orphanage & Center of Nekemte (ROCN). They care for orphaned and abandoned children to meet their basic needs and offer a loving Christian home environment. ROCN is a new orphanage started

Abby and I went to Nekemte, Ethiopia to visit the Resurrection Orphanage Center of Nekemte (ROCN). The road Addis Ababa to Nekemte is rough. It’s unlike any road we’ve ever been on and locals

The first person to greet us when we got off the plane in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia was Pastor Mekebib Desta and his wife, Tigist Tesfaye. Thank you to Alex Shootman for connecting us! Mekebib

Abby and I visited Embracing Hope Ethiopia that was founded by Jerry and Christy Shannon. Their focus is the poor, children, and orphans who live in a section of Addis Ababa known as Korah.

Pastor Mekebib Desta, Brian Carroll and Rahel Tamirat. Abby and I visited Rich in Knowledge Academy in Addis Ababa. It’s an excellent school where 40 students from ages 3 to 8 (k – 2nd

Abby and I felt led to buy food and give it to the poor and orphans in the neighborhood where we’re staying in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We hoped something simple as fresh baked bread,